Precise thickness measurement of flat glass and films


The interferoMETER IMS5400-TH70 is now available with the new IMP-TH70 sensor. It enables a large working distance of 70 mm. At the same time, the light spot diameter is only 5 µm. The increased tilt angle of ± 4.5° enables stable measurement results even on slightly curved and structured surfaces.

The IMS5400-TH white light interferometer for nanometer-accurate thickness measurements is Micro-Epsilon’s most precise optical measuring system, whose robust design makes it ideally suited to production lines. For optimal integration into various control systems and production programs, all innovative white light interferometer systems have extensive connection options. These include digital interfaces such as Ethernet/EtherCAT as well as the analog output. The entire configuration of the controller and the sensors is carried out as usual via the web interface. It offers well-structured and simple setup and parameterization options.

Why interferoMETER IMS5400?

  • Nanometer-precise thickness measurements even with varying distances and vibrating targets
  • Stable measurements from a long distance, even of anti-reflection coated targets
  • Industry-optimized sensors with a robust metal housing and flexible cables
  • Measuring rate up to 6 kHz for high speed measurements
  • Ethernet / EtherCAT / RS422
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