High-performance laser distance sensor for industrial applications


The optoNCDT ILR2250-100 laser distance sensor is designed for measurements of large distances in industrial serial applications. It offers a complete package of large measuring ranges combined with compact size and high performance. The innovative AUTO measurement mode ensures fast and automatic exposure control even on challenging surfaces. Therefore, millimeter-precision measurement results on dark, poorly reflecting and remote measuring objects are possible.

Micro-Epsilon has designed this sensor for industrial measurement tasks. There are numerous industries where sensors must be installed at a safe distance from the measuring object, e.g., because it emits heat as is the case in the metals industry. Due to its large measuring range, the ILR2250-100 can be installed at a safe distance from the measuring object. Therefore, it is primarily used in transportation, logistics and conveyance technologies as well as automation and the steel industry.

Other fields of application include the monitoring of crane axes where large distances must be bridged, distance measurements in the air using drones, as well as extremely hot environments such as the metals industry where seamless rolled rings are measured. This innovative sensor technology also enables measurements on paper, metals, plastics and textiles.

The optoNCDT ILR2250-100 is in a robust aluminum die-cast housing and only requires a minimum of installation space due to its compact design. User-friendly mounting and easy alignment are possible via the integrated mounting plate using four threaded pins.


  • Large measuring range up to 100 m (up to 150 m with a reflector)
  • Precise measurement results
  • Easy OEM adaptation possible due to configurable MEE software
  • Compact design with low deadweight
  • Easy installation via integrated mounting plate
  • Robust aluminum die-cast housing
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