confocalDT IFS2405-6: Measure precisely from a safe distance


The new, confocal chromatic sensor confocalDT IFS2405-6 is used for high precision displacement and thickness measurements on diffuse, reflecting and transparent materials. The new model completes the IFS series with a measuring range of 6 mm. The complete confocalDT IFS series covers measuring ranges from 0.1 to 30 mm.

In critical environments, the confocal sensor can be mounted at a safe distance from the target due to the high offset distance of 63 mm. Therefore, the IFS2405-6 sensor is ideally suited to measurement tasks in the glass industry. High resolutions of 18 nm enable the measurement of thin layers from 300 µm. Furthermore, the IFS2405-6 tolerates tilt angles up to ± 10°. High sensitivity enables measurements even on dark surfaces.

Measuring on a non-contact basis, confocal chromatic sensors exert no influence on the measurement object. They provide long-term stability and measure to sub-micron accuracies. All IFS sensors and confocalDT controllers from Micro-Epsilon are inter-compatible.

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