NEW: confocalDT IFS2407-0,1 for maximum precision


The IFS2407-0,1 is a compact, confocal sensor based on innovative technology that opens up new fields of application for displacement and thickness measurements. The sensor offers a measuring range of only 100 µm. Thus, it’s in the details where the confocal chromatic sensor reveals its strengths. The small measuring range combined with a high resolution of 3 nm allows high precision, reliable measurements of transparent layers such as glass or plastic films with thicknesses from just 5 µm.

Another innovative characteristic is the large tilt angle that the sensor can tolerate. It is obtained by the numerical aperture, i.e. the degree of the light rays bundled in this optical system, that achieves NA 0.8 or NA 0.7 depending on the sensor model. Combined with the light spot diameter of just 3 µm, the sensor detects the finest of structures and can be used for roughness measurements. These sensors inspect, for example, finely honed surfaces such as those of brake discs whose structure is perceived as a smoothly polished surface.

The new confocalDT IFS2407-0,1 will be available from April 2019 in two different versions. The standard variant with NA 0.8 is ideal for high precision measurements of rough surfaces and thin layers. The second variant is a light-intensive model with NA 0.7 for high speed measurements with short exposure time and for dark surfaces.

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