scanCONTROL software package 8.1



The new scanCONTROL Software 8.1 with numerous new features is now available as a download and CD. It supports for example the latest scanCONTROL 29xx-10/BL laser profile scanner that measures the smallest of objects with absolute precision using a blue laser line.

scanCONTROL Configuration Tools 4.2
This software enables the set up and configuration of the SMART laser profile scanners.

  • Calibration of installation position for adaption to installation conditions
  • Graphical display of the measurement value sequence
  • Summary of up to eight switch signals and their logical connection
  • Profile freezing for easy parameter set up
  • Backup and restore features for easy sensor replacement with only one click

scanCONTROL 3D View 2.5
The software enables interactive 3D views of profile sequences and their export into common file formats which can be imported into the user's CAD environment.

  • Configuration of sensors
  • Offline or real-time display of 3D profiles
  • Synchronization of the direction of travel (e.g. using an encoder)
  • Export of reflection characteristics such as intensity and width

Updated SDK for C/C++
The scanCONTROL SDK enables customers to write their own software

  • Software triggering of profile records
  • Global, user-mode independent storage of parameters (e.g. installation position calibration)
  • Revised and new example programs for software triggering and extended profile filtering