Laser micrometer for limited installation space


The optoCONTROL 2520-46(090) laser micrometer is equipped with a lens angled by 90° in order to allow extremely flexible installation. It is also used in precision measurement tasks, e.g., process monitoring and presence monitoring of objects, for geometrical and diameter inspection, as well as roundness measurements.

Flexible installation

In particular, when standard installation is not possible, this compact system enables easy integration. The distance between light source and receiver is freely selectable up to 2 meters. Furthermore, the object to be measured can be placed at any position within the light curtain. The maximum measuring range of the optoCONTROL 2520-46(090) is 46 mm. Designed for a long service life, this system operates wear-free. Interfaces are RS422 and Ethernet/EtherCAT

Configuration via web interface

A user-friendly web interface is used to perform set up and configuration, which enables readings and limit values to be displayed, as well as the selection and application of filters. A video signal is available to precisely configure the measurement.


  • Distance-independent measurement
  • Simultaneous output of several values
  • Trigger and synchronization
  • Value-time graph with limit values
  • Statistics and multiple types of averaging and filters
  • Simple configuration of video signal
  • Display of light/dark edges
  • Measures up to 8 segments simultaneously
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